Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am already a C Spire customer and I am upgrading my handset. Am I eligible for the reward?
A. All C Spire rewards are eligible for new customer activations, or for current customers that accept a 2 year contract renewal. See the Terms and Conditions on your reward form for any requirements specific to that offer.

Q. What Proof of Purchase materials do I need to mail with my reward form?
A. An original or photocopy of your cash register receipt, showing a valid purchase date for the reward offer you are participating in.

Q. If I do not want to cut the box, is a photocopy of the ESN bar-code acceptable?
A. Yes, a photocopy of the ESN bar-code is acceptable to qualify for the reward.

Q. I threw out my box and cannot provide an original or photocopy of the ESN bar-code. Can I still qualify for the reward?
A. Yes, to qualify for your reward, carefully handwrite the ESN on the reward form. The ESN is located on your phone under the battery and also on your receipt.

Q. Can my handset be returned or exchanged after I mail my reward submission?
A. No, rewards are not valid once a handset has been returned or exchanged for a different unit.

Q. I mailed my submission, how do I check the status?
A. You can check the status of C Spire rewards mailed to El Paso, TX by visiting us at If you prefer to check the status of your reward by phone, call the C Spire reward center toll free at (866) 519-6879 weekdays, 7 am to 9 pm MST.

Q. I looked up my status online and it says my submission is "invalid." What does this mean?
A. If your reward is invalid due to missing information such as a missing receipt or other proof of purchase, you will receive a non-compliance notification in the mail that will explain the issue in detail and provide instructions on how the situation can be corrected.

Q. My reward is now expired. If I send it in late, will I still receive the reward?
A. Rewards have specific terms that define the times during which they are valid. Unfortunately, if the postmark date has passed for your reward, you will not be eligible for that reward. Watch for future C Spire offers, check the dates and submit for your reward promptly.

Q. Do I have to provide my e-mail address?
A. No, an e-mail address is not required but it does allow us to provide you with status updates regarding your submissions. C Spire keeps e-mail addresses confidential and never shares any part of your contact information with third parties.