Terms and Conditions:

1. Read your C Spire reward form thoroughly!
Each C Spire reward offer is unique, with different date ranges and postmark date requirements. The best way to make sure you get your reward is to follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, call the C Spire reward center at (866) 519-6879.

2. Make copies of all of your paperwork!
This includes your receipt, reward form, ESN barcode, mailing envelope, and any other items that are needed for validation of your reward. If for some reason your submission gets lost in the mail, you will need this information to have your reward reprocessed. It is also a good idea to have this information in front of you if you need to call the customer service phone number listed on your reward form.

3. Don't procrastinate!
Many C Spire rewards require your reward submission to be postmarked within a set number of days from your date of purchase. If you miss this deadline, you will not be able to receive your reward.

4. Make sure your name and address are clearly written on the reward form.
If your handwriting is difficult to read, it will be difficult to enter your information correctly. To ensure fast, accurate processing of your reward, be sure to print clearly. Remember also that you cannot use a PO box for a Zone Labs reward unless you include your corresponding street address with your PO box when you complete the offer form.